We are committed to developing sustainable market links that can allow people, businesses and the environment to thrive between South America and Japan. We believe that better data, research and strategy can create more stable, sustainable and profitable international trade in food and agriculture.
We’re All In
AKARI SAS brings substantial experience to the diversified agricultural sector, which we have developed by advising leading players across the Americas and Asia on a range of strategic, commercial and operational issues.
We can hint you meet these challenges, and prosper. Having completed experiences within the diversified agribusiness sector in Colombia and Ecuador, our agriculture consulting have the experience to guidance you, transform your cost structure, or update your operating model.
Rising global demand and limited arable land mean it’s more critical than ever to maximize your yields and streamline your operating model. Our industry-smart insight into the entire supply chain—from grower to consumer and all points between—provides fresh perspectives designed to help your business thrive. Core areas of focus include:
Growth strategy development Go-to-market commercial strategy and execution Business performance improvement Farm equipment, feed, and fertilizer retailers Fruit and berry growers
Wherever your business operates in the supply chain cycle, our professionals can help determine what steps are right for you.