Consulting Services

Our management consulting services focus on our clients' most critical issues and opportunities with Japan: strategy, marketing, organization, operations, food, agriculture, digital, advanced analytics, corporate finance and sustainability across all industries and geographies. With a GDP of around 5 Trillion USD and one of the world’s highest per capita incomes, the strength of the Japanese economy is exceptional. A strong economy coupled with a low fluctuating currency will provide potential investors with stability and confidence. The excellent infrastructure and developed industry means that all the necessary framework is already available for businesses.

Embracing Possibility in Japan and South America

Whether you’re conducting business in Colombia or Ecuador, raising a round of venture capital financing, or you’re a Latin America-based company seeking accounting and consulting services for business with Japan, our team members can guidance you pursue your global business goals.


Based on our expertise in the agribusiness space, we support our clients in addressing critical issues such as: How to best respond to global growth trends and opportunities in agribusiness as the global demand for food continues to rise. Where to seek growth opportunities ― both organic and inorganic ― beyond core geographic markets and in adjacent sectors for Japan How to develop an international strategy and road map that prioritizes growth pathways and targets How to develop more effective commercial capabilities and align with customer needs and preferences >


Our professionals work with organizations across many industries, with many of our Latin America Practice clients operating in the following fields: Agribusiness Manufacturing & Consumer Products


Resolving how to optimize the delivery of your services and maximize the potential in Japan or Colombia

Evaluating where to focus investments and the most effective way to expand into new geographies 

Assessing how to respond to new regulations and their effect on market dynamics and the competitive landscape

Analyzing adjacent market opportunities for existing service offerings


Project(USD)Industry Analisis$ 1,500Local study, Marketing Study, Competitive Research, etc.
Permits and Certificates for businesses$2,500Environmental License, Factory Establishment, Import/Export Requirements,Safety certification of electrical equipment, etc.
TranslationJapanese 400 letters→Spanish$403-6 business days. For all fields, such as business and legal matters. No minimum charge.Company Profile, Proposals, Reports, press releases and business letters, etc.
Spanish 200 words→Japanese$40
Interpretation4 hours(Half day)$ 200~※Addition $ 20/h。
Meetings, Business.
8 hours(All day)$ 300~
Coordination of Trip for Colombia or JapanBusiness, Appointments, general logistics (Including the sending of a letter of intent and thanks, before and after a month of the interview)$5.000/Meeting
TripTravel with interpretation service
8 hours
$200~※Additional $20/h
Travel tickets and accommodation are not included.
Monthly fee per project.4 days per month$500~To achieve the goal within a certain period of time, including research, reporting and all work related thereto. No additional cost, no matter how many times you contact us by phone, Whatsapp, email, etc.
Monthly (20 days)$2,000~