Euglena's first step in Colombia

The Situation

The client's mission was to collect and cultivate local strains of Euglena in Colombia, mass-produce them at low cost, and import them back into Japan.

Colombia and Indonesia have been nominated as potential priority areas.

Our Approach

We conducted a detailed field survey on Colombia's environmental regulation and certification system and held a six-month meeting with the competent authorities (ANLA, Ministry of the Environment, Corpocesar, Procolombia).

Regarding the transportation of Euglena, we investigated in detail the method and the certification system required for culturing, and found out how it is legal and does not kill Euglena during transportation.

The Results

Based on these, the Faculty of Science of the public Cesar University was selected for the demonstration experiment before the business model, and after matching, the client concluded the MOU and started the demonstration experiment.