The Situation

The client's mission is to spread sushi rolls (DEKO SUSHI), which have been served at ceremonial occasions and local gatherings as Japanese home-cooked food, overseas and export them as a lesson business (TV, magazines, newspapers, web, etc./various events).

It was necessary to hold a seminar in South America with Japanese instructor,confirming the reaction of the user and obtain a local partner.

Our Approach

We contacted the FEDEARROZ Ibagué office in Colombia to coordinate the event and match our clients.

After the meeting, we held the first deco sushi event in Colombia and provided simultaneous interpretation. We focused on events with materials that can be procured locally in Colombia, and investigated the food value chain so that it could be easily reproduced and commercialized in Colombia in the future.

The Results

The client have prepared a Spanish website so that the lesson business can be realized online. In addition, the rice flour training course is scheduled to kick off in September 2022 due to the response of the rice flour recipe that was made together.

It was a great first step to farmers’ women to make their second incomes using Japanese rice and it continues.

We work closely with partner organizations that deliver specialty services complementing our own expertise.